{ASDKJHADSFKJDSHFquestionmark. Also, broccoli.}

Perhaps ambagious.
One day I will push a grammar nazi to the edge of their endurance; without warning, I'll mysteriously disappear with a startled gasp and a "URGHhrghgggghhh!". When that happens, please feel free to ignore the peculiar trickle of red meandering towards some cliff. You should, instead, go and untie the bottle of red ink from the leg of whichever pitiful seagull I've decided to prank.



Ha ha ha, nice! Yeah, I wouldn’t know how to put these GIFs together. I had to have my 21-year-old assistant designer help me upload the GIF yesterday in the first place.


Bryan uses himself as a reference= perfection.

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April 14, 2012, 4:03pm